Carson City
Serving the Children of the World

In 1959, a small group of business leaders formed the Kiwanis Club of Carson City. The club began its tradition of leadership in community service with the contribution of hands on service and monetary donations to organizations who served children, youth, the elderly and the disabled.

Today, Kiwanis offers an opportunity for leadership and involvement in the improvement of our community. Meetings and projects develop and use leadership skills, expand business contacts and achieve a sense of accomplishment while enjoying a sincere and lasting fellowship.

Past Presidents

The individuals listed below served as club president. We salute them for their hard work and dedicated service to our club and our community.

1959 Joseph W. Norvell
1960 Clyde E. Teel
1961 Morris W. Lukens
1961 Hale B. Bennett
1962 Leon Postawko
1963 J. MacArthur Wright
1964 Ralph Langley
1965 Troy Shelby
1966 Al Foreman
1967 Perry Means
1968 Don Simpson
1969 Alan Odell
1970 George Plunkett
1971 Thomas Wall
1972 Robert Grayson
1973 William X. Smith
1974 Vernon W. Manke
1975 Edward Parmenter
1976 Freddie Little
1977 John Handcock
1978 John Nicosia
1979 Merv Matorian

1980 Bruce Scott
1981 Andy Grose
1982 Gerry Hester
1983 Michael Quirk
1984 Stan Marshall
1985 Fred Duggar
1986 Bob Belknap
1987 Walt Owens
1988 Jim L Kettering
1989 Charles Keller
1990 Lee Pisiewski 1991 Tom Baker
1992 John Bibee
1993 Mark Frady
1994 Lou Buckley
1995 Rob Scanland      1996 Rita Carman  1997 Lee Pisiewski  1998 James Hamtak  1999 Ron Bowman  2000 Ron Bowman  2001 Ray Fredrick

2002 Dan Nevin
2003 Mike Crossley
2004 Pat Gaskill
2005 Ken Haskins
2006 Keri Putnam
2007 Roger Kirkland
2008 Howard Tooley
2009 Katherine Baran 
2010 William Knight  2011 Bryan Bibee  2012 Ron Smith    2013 Robert White    2014 Cheryl Knight  2015 Mario Ramirez    2016 Kadee Mason