Carson City
Serving the Children of the World
Meeting Schedule

Our club has speakers from the local area and beyond to share information, organizations, happenings, and events.  Newcomers and visitors are welcome. Download our weekly bulletin here.

Date Type Title
11/23/2017 Meeting
11/30/2017 Meeting

We welcome the new director of the Children's Museum, Beth Ellis. 

Beth graduated from Azusa Pacific University in California and received her elementary school teaching credentials at the...

12/04/2017 Committee

Board meeting

12/07/2017 Meeting

Dustin Boothe, MPH, REHS from our protectors at Carson City Health and Human Services brings us some helpful tips on holiday food safety and best practices for special event food serving. Looking at your...

12/14/2017 Meeting

Thomas Herring, director of the Jack C. Davis Observatory, talks to us about gravity waves, the great gravity gold rush, and an upcoming total lunar eclipse. 

12/21/2017 Meeting
12/28/2017 Meeting


01/04/2018 Meeting